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NPR Nurtures Animal Cruelty

Duck Abuses

ANIMAL ART: Exhibits & Performance

  • Easter Chick Cruelty
  • "Art" Student Tortures a Chicken to Death in School Cafeteria
  • Chicken Slaughter "Art" Exhibit
compassion for all beings
The Mother of Compassion Blesses Our Fellow Beings – “May They Be Happy and Free From Suffering” by Beth Redwood (redwoodtreeink@kc.rr.com)
Artist Beth Redwood created this beautiful image for The Story of Chickens exhibit at the Percolator Art Gallery in Lawrence, Kansas in April. It includes photos of our sanctuary residents. For “The Story of Chickens,” please click here.

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Prosecution of Molly the Emu's Killer

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Cruelty to Quails and Turkeys For Historical Reenactment

Chicken Scramble: Cruelty to Chickens and Children

Turkey Tortured by Students at Fraternity Drinking Party

Feather Hair Extensions

The Truth About Feather Hair Extensions 10 april 2012

CBS Killing Chickens on “Kid Nation”

Chickens Sadistically Abused at Kansas State University Basketball Game

Cruelty to a Chicken on Survivor

Chicken Chasing at Dixie Stampede

Urge Reptile Gardens to Drop Chicken Basketball and Tic Tac Toe Games

Tropicana Casino Forcing Hens to Play Tic-Tac-Toe with Gamblers

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