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9 July 2013
Protest “Chicken Scramble,”
- Animal Abuse Game for Children in Oregon

Bullying animals: “It’s a long tradition.”
“It’s fun for the kids.” - Organizer

On Friday and Saturday, July 12-13, 2013, the Cottage Grove Riding Club in Oregon plans to hold its annual Animal Scramble at its rodeo. Until this year, rabbits were the victims of the Animal Scramble. This year, Kelli Fisher, President of the Cottage Grove Riding Club, responded to Red Barn Rabbit Rescue’s request to stop chasing rabbits for “fun” by substituting chickens for children to chase, grab, scare, and injure.

The "scramble" includes animal abuse and child abuse. Children are abused any time they are taught and essentially forced by the adult community they depend upon for survival and approval, to torment animals for pleasure.

Children fear (and face) ridicule and punishment if they refuse, or are scared, to participate. The idea is to destroy the child’s natural empathy for animals by normalizing cruelty to animals and rewarding children for compliance in behavior they are pressured to perform.

What Should I Do?

Wherever you live, please call or email and politely urge the Riding Club to cancel the event:
Kelli Fisher, President
Cottage Grove Riding Club
Please click here to send an e-mail.

Please join Action for Animals in an onsite protest demonstration against the Cottage Grove Rodeo
Friday, July 12, 2013
5:00pm until 6:30pm in PDT
Cottage Grove Rodeo Grounds at 77958 Highway 99, Cottage Grove OR 97424

Protest the torture of animals at the Cottage Grove Rodeo! Rodeos are horrific examples of how animals are used for entertainment, with events that both injure (and sometimes kill) and terrify the calves, horses, and bulls who are involved. Additionally, this rodeo includes an "animal scramble" in which children chase after and grab (and often hurt) small animals, this year chickens.

Please join us in educating rodeo attendees and staff about having respect for animals and in demanding an end to the exploitation of all animals.

This will be a legal protest. Leaflets and signs will be provided, but you are also welcome (and encouraged!) to bring your own sign. Please do not wear any animal-sourced clothing (leather, wool, etc.) so as to present a consistent message of not exploiting animals.

UPC Letter to Kelli Fisher urging her to cancel the “Animal Scramble”

July 9, 2013

Kelli Fisher, President
Cottage Grove Riding Club
Re: “Animal Scramble”

Dear Ms. Fisher,

I understand you have substituted chickens for rabbits for your “animal scramble” children’s event this coming weekend. I urge you please to cancel this event designed to teach children to enjoy scaring, taunting and mistreating chickens and other animals for pleasure. Why do you want to do this to animals? Why do you enjoy teaching children to hurt and disrespect animals instead of respecting and protecting them from harm? Can’t you teach kindness and care?

Substituting chickens for rabbits is not an upgrade. Chickens have the exact same ability to experience fear and trauma as rabbits do. Are you aware of the science of animal ethology? The view that birds are inferior to mammals or that ground-nesting birds such as chickens are inferior to other birds has been totally discredited by science. Chickens are highly sensitive individuals. Only bullies enjoy taunting those at their mercy.

I urge you to show and teach kindness and respect to children and animals. Children will participate in cruel adult-sponsored games even if they don’t want to, in order to avoid ridicule from the adult community they are dependent upon for approval. Please have the courage to cancel this heartless “animal scramble.” The good angels will bless you for your mercy and gracious spirit.


Karen Davis, President
United Poultry Concerns
PO Box 150
Machipongo, VA 23405
Office: 757-678-7875

Thank you for taking action for chickens and all animals who need protection and relief from human violence. – United Poultry Concerns

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