United Poultry Concerns June 30, 2005

United Poultry Concerns Sticks Up For Poodles in Earth First!

The March-April 2005 issue of Earth First!: The Radical Environmental Journal gave a "Wolf" (Thumbs Up) instead of a "Poodle" (Thumbs Down) to United Poultry Concerns President Karen Davis for claims made in

*An Open Letter to Vegan Voice: www.upc-online.org/011226vegan_voice_singer.html

Davis’s response to the "Poodle" is in the July-August 2005 issue of Earth First!

Karen Davis:

Political writer Arthur Koestler once wrote that if Descartes had owned a poodle, he wouldn’t have argued that animals are mindless automatons. While I’m thrilled that I got a "wolf" for saying that the 9/11 attacks, while terrible, reduced the amount of pain and suffering in the world by removing 3,000 chicken killers ("consumers") from the planet, I’d welcome a poodle award as well. I used to walk poodles for well-to-do people in San Francisco, who pampered their captives as much as possible into becoming neurotic extensions of themselves.

I dislike the strain in environmentalism that blames domesticated animal victims, as in "blame the chickens, blame the cows" for despoiling nature and poisoning the earth via feedlots and factory farms. These animals too are captive extensions of human malfeasance. It’s not their fault they’ve been dragged from their natural homes and habitats into our species’ manufactured hells seeping out in all directions. Likewise, a dog who has to stand there and be shaved to look like a manicured English hedge should not be further insulted by being falsely anthropomorphized. Poodles are not depraved, destructive humans any more than the wild jungle fowl called "chicken" is a factory farmer or a cockfighter. Why not pin a "Ted Nugent" or a GW Bush badge of infamy on humans who willfully do bad things?

Thanks for your attention.

--Karen Davis

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