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29 June 2015

truth or drought eggs

Here in San Diego, many people mistakenly believe that animal agriculture is not draining our local water supply. However, according to the The San Diego Union-Tribune, San Diego County is one of the top five egg producing counties in the nation, accommodating about 4 million hens who lay more than 800 million eggs each year.

Additionally, Food & Water Watch's website factoryfarmmap.org shows that San Diego County has an "extreme" density level of factory farms.

According to National Geographic and the Water Footprint Network, a single egg requires 53 gallons of water to produce. (In comparison, one serving of 23 almonds, which are being singled out as a water guzzler, requires 23 gallons.)

As this graphic shows, the water used just to produce eggs each year in San Diego County alone is enough for more than 2 years of bath showers or more than 72 years of drinking water for all county residents! In a severe ongoing drought, which would you rather have?

Seeing that there is no need to eat eggs, which have tons of cholesterol and saturated fat and require very cruel practices in order to mass-produce them – including keeping hens in cages who never see the sun or touch the earth, and the fact that almost all male chicks born to this industry (which only uses females) are suffocated or ground up alive shortly after hatching – why not just save our water by doing away with this needless, cruel, and unhealthy product that uses more than 42 billion gallons a year of San Diego's precious water?

Remember that regardless of where animal foods are produced, it's each individual's demand that dictates supply statewide and globally. Switching to a plant-based vegan diet is the single most significant water-saving and planet-saving effort one can make, freeing up 600 gallons of water per person per day according to National Geographic.

Thank you for reading this and for caring about this issue.


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