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With Heart and Voice - a Beautiful Greeting Card

UPC Greeting Card

Our colorful greeting card is a great way to support UPC while sending a warm message to friends and loved ones about chickens and our work on their behalf. These 5x7" cards make a wonderful holiday gift as well. Envelopes included. Order now!

20 Greeting Cards - $19.95

40 Greeting Cards - $38.95

Single card & envelope - $1.00

Please choose any mixture of the below postcards.
Enter Postcards Desired:
20 Postcards - $4
Enter Postcards Desired:
40 Postcards - $7.50

Love is Best, Two versions, your choice:
postage required, 40 or 53 cents
love is best

Chickens: To Know Them is to Love Them, 40 & 53 cent versions
Chickens: To Know Them is to Love Them
Chickens: To Know Them is to Love Them (back)

Misery is Not a Health Food, 53 cent version
Misery is not a health food

Peaceable Kingdom, 40 cent version

Re-Searching the Heart, 40 cent version
researching the heart postcard
researching the heart postcard back

Turkey & Child: Friends, 40 cent version

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