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27 July 2012
New Jersey Sanctuary’s Participation in Quail Hatching Projects for School Children: Update & Clarification

On July 10, United Poultry Concerns published an Action Alert titled “New Jersey Sanctuary Conducts Quail Hatching Projects for School Children, Quail Hunters & Hunting Dog Training.”

See Item #2 in http://www.upc-online.org/alerts/120710nj_chickens_quails.html.

On July 24, United Poultry Concerns president Karen Davis and New Jersey animal activist Suzanne Dragan met personally with Barnyard Sanctuary director Tamala Lester, in Blairstown, NJ, to clarify the sanctuary’s involvement with the NJ Quail in the Classroom program which provides eggs to school children to incubate quails for release into the woods.

Regarding The Barnyard Sanctuary’s involvement, Tamala told UPC that after the quails hatch in the schools, they are brought to the sanctuary to be tended until they are ready for release. She said she believed the quails were released into a no-hunting refuge.

We explained that the NJ Outdoor Alliance, which sponsors the Quail Project including Quail in the Classroom, is a pro-hunting venture of NJ Fish & Wildlife. Turning the quails over to them virtually ensures they will be used for hunting and hunting dog practice.

Based on our meeting, we are giving Tamala Lester the benefit of the doubt that she was unaware the quails would almost certainly be used for sport hunting and dog training. UPC is working with NJ animal advocate Suzanne Dragan to get The Barnyard Sanctuary to disconnect totally from Quail in the Classroom & any other chick-hatching programs and promote genuine humane education through all of its programs. We will keep our members informed. Thank You. Karen Davis, President, United Poultry Concerns

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