Controversial Canandaigua Academy Chicken Project

Canandaigua Academy Teaches Cruelty

Canandaigua Academy rooster saved from classroom slaughter Dec. 12, 2007.

  • Winter 2008-2009 PP: UPC Campaign to Save Canandaigua Chickens Succeeds!
  • 12/5/08: News Release - United Poultry Concerns Campaign to Save Canandaigua Chickens Succeeds!

  • 11/25/08: Letters to NY State Education Department Urgently Needed
  • 11/19/08: United Poultry Concerns Letter to New York State Department of Education
  • 9/25/08: Canandaigua Academy’s Chicken Slaughter Project Stopped. NY State Education Department Halts Project
  • 9/25/08: New York State Application Form Link
  • 9/23/08: United Federation of Teachers Humane Education Committee Letter September 23, 2008
  • 9/23/08: NYS Education Department's Email to UPC, September 23, 2008
  • 9/23/08: United Poultry Concerns’ Letter to New York State Education Department, September 20, 2008
  • 9/23/08: Humane Society of New York's Letter to New York State Education Department
  • 9/15/08: “Canandaigua Academy students can’t kill chickens without state waiver”
  • 9/12/08: Canandaigua Academy’s Chicken Slaughter Project Suspended
  • 9/03/08: Canandaigua Academy Reneges on Pledge to Remove Chicken Slaughter Project from the Curriculum, Plans to Resume the Cruelty
  • 7/24/08: Letters Needed Now: "NO" to Chicken Slaughter Project at Canandaigua Academy, NY
  • 7/22/08: Two More Letters in Canandaigua DAILY MESSENGER Oppose Classroom Chicken Slaughter Project in High School Ecology Course
  • 7/16/08: Eliminate Chicken Slaughter: United Poultry Concerns in Today’s Daily Messenger Regarding Canandaigua Academy’s Plan to Resume Slaughtering Chickens in the Classroom
  • 7/13/08: Canandaigua Academy Plans to Resume Classroom Chicken Killing
  • 7/11/08: United Poultry Concerns' Letter to Canandaigua Academy principal Lynne Erdle
  • 7/10/08: United Poultry Concerns' Letters to Canandaigua School Superintendent Donald Raw
  • 7/09/08: High School Curriculum to Resume Chicken Slaughter?
  • 6/12/08: Classroom Chicken Slaughter Should be Dropped, Otherwise Videotaped So Public Can See What is Being Taught
  • Chicken Slaughter Project at Canandaigua Academy in New York Stopped Due to Public Outrage
  • 5/29/08: Chicken Slaughter End Sparks UPC Response
  • 4/09/08: Chickens Slaughtered by New York Students: Curriculum Cruelty in the Classroom
  • 2/20/08: Chickens Slaughtered by Students in New York Classroom

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