Are All Your Ducks in a Row? Did You Know...?

Every year, domestic ducks and domestic geese are found abandoned in ponds and lakes.

All domestic animals are dependent on humans-- for food, water, shelter, veterinary care and love.

Most of these domestic ducks and domestic geese are discarded "pets" from Easter or school hatching projects.

Most are flightless. They do not "join up" with wild birds nor can they fly away.

They stay where they were abandoned and are killed by wild predators, starve to death, strangle in fishing line, are killed by dogs or get hit by cars.

People may toss them bread but bread is not adequate nourishment--these birds will starve to death on a diet of only bread. Bread also creates external and internal deformities in ducks and geese.

During our brutal winters, the pond water freezes and these domestic ducks and domestic geese will die of thirst and hypothermia. They get stuck, frozen in the ice. Without proper shelter, they freeze to death.

Dumping domestic ducks and domestic geese is cruel and illegal— Punishable by State Cruelty Statutes for

Abandoning a Domestic Animal. People can be fined up to $1000 for dumping domestic ducks & geese.

Please, get an Easter "pet" in the form of candy or a toy, not a live animal. Ask your child's school NOT to hatch out birds and release them in parks and ponds. Because now you know, they do NOT survive.


Thank you to New Jersey animal rights activist, Suzanne Dragan, for making “Are All Your Ducks In a Row?” an important part of our Humane Education program, where you can print out this document for distribution at